Our venue is easy to access and parking is a breeze. Just follow the quick tips listed below.

Parking at The Corner Alley Downtown

There are plenty of parking options available for your trip to East 4th Street:

  • Valet - Enter East 4th Street from Prospect Avenue right into MVP valet. Limited hours. Rates vary.
  • 515 Euclid Garage - On the corner of East 6th Street and Euclid.  Enter from East 6th. 24 Hours. Rates vary. 
  • 740 Euclid Garage - Enter from Euclid Avenue or Prospecet Avenue.  Limited hours.  Rates vary.
  • 200 Public Square (former BP Building) - Enter from East 4th and Euclid Avenue or Superior Avenue.  Limited hours.  Rates vary.
  • Open Lots - The corner of East 4th and Prospect has several parking lots with varying hours and rates. 
  • Metered Parking - Any meters not labeled valet are available as posted.  Meters are free after 6 PM on weekends and holidays.

Parking Terms

The Corner Alley assumes no liability for parking.  The Corner Alley is not affiliated with any parking facilities and makes no estimate to parking rates and hours.  Please park at your own risk.